Why Satanic Apparel

People who practice Satanism like many people of different religions are free to eat or dress as they please. According to Peter Guilmore the current high priest of the church of Satan, they can follow whatever lifestyle they please.

Satanists are found in different parts of the world and unless someone has a cloth that sports the sigil of Baphomet or has the Baphomet lapel pin it is hard to pinpoint a Satanist by appearance.

Why satanic apparel

However, some Satanists are fashion conscious and want to look the part. While it is easy to find satanic imagery in music and videos, Satanists often find it hard to get fashionable appeal that sets them apart. Satanic apparel helps to identify the wearer within a group of other people. It also shows and indicates the beliefs of the wearer. Additionally, some satanic apparel such as black clothes and robes for men are used in different satanic rituals. Having said this it is essential to note that there are some fashionable apparel that might appeal to Satanists including:

Occult Dressing

In the late twentieth century, the influence of the satanic and occult apparel to the public grew. This is because some members of some occults chose to adopt a given dress code in public to publicly communicate their beliefs.

Satanism and occult has also influenced cultures such as heavy metal music and some vampire subcultures. Such subcultures adore some elements of Satanism dressing more so black clothes and pentacles. Most of the members of these subcultures wear these clothes as an affiliation to the satanic group rather than a symbol of religious belief.

Goth Dressing

Not all Goths are Satanists and it is not a wonder that most Goths are not religious at all. However ther are Goths who are Satanists and victoria-esque frills, big hair, baggy cure t-shirts, black clothing and black makeup are some of the fashion symbol that identify the Goth culture. Some Satanists do wear Goth clothing to identify with this culture.

Black Attire

A high number of Satanists often wear black. Christians and Muslims often associate black with evil.  Black is not only associated with evil but it has other associations such as seriousness, depth, professionalism among others. In regard to Satanism, it may depict the hopelessness of the masses of humanity and because of this Satanists might find themselves drawn to this color.

Some Fashion Brands That Promote Satanism Symbols

There are some popular clothing brands that are pushing for Satanism, illuminati and other masonic symbols. Satanists might find their apparel appealing. Here are a few of them.

  • Killstar

This is a brand that promotes all thing gothic, satanic, and occult. It has amazing pieces with symbols that set it apart.

  • KTZ

This is an illuminati clothing line that has been adored by stars such as Rihanna and Kanye west. The brand which is also known as Kokon To Zai promotes esoteric and occult symbols.

  • Blackcraft Cult.

This is another famous clothesline that is popular with bands. The company also sells gothic furniture and other products such as coffee.

In conclusion, in contrast to the portrayed image of Satanism, there are no certain clothes that Satanists are expected to wear in public. Satanists are people that are found among us and who are free to wear what they please. However, there are some cultures of fashion labels that might attract Satanists that have been discussed above but you might find that most Satanists wear typical fashions and apparel.


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