What is The True Definition of Goth?

Goths by definition are people who enjoy the beauty in things that are considered dark by most people. They are attracted by dark and mysterious things. This in no way implies that Goths are evil or believe in witchcraft or the devil. It means that their perspective on life is a bit different.

While their appearance induces fear among people, they are not violent or unkind. Nor do they lack humor. Granted that their humor is more on the dark side; Goths love a good laugh. More often than not, Goths are romantic, intelligent people with an artistic bent of mind. Being a Goth is much more than a few black garments.

The birth of Goths

You may have heard that the Gothic culture finds its origins in the Punk movement that took place in the late '70s. And that Goths wear black clothes. But the truth is that Goths were always there. The term 'Gothic' later was used to describe the atmosphere of musical bands such as Siouxsie or the Banshees that came on the scene in the '70s.

More than just a fashion statement

An inner world that is little known is hidden behind the dark and noticeable appearance created by bold clothes and makeup. Being Goth is a state of mind and not a fashion statement. The body is used as a creative vessel to express the state of mind and the intimate emotions of the Goths. In a society that is uncomfortably traditionalist and unimaginative, the Goths have their unique way of experiencing and viewing life. They are free spirits.

Taking this into account, it is not surprising that Goths come from many different backgrounds. Goths don't let ethnicity, sexual orientation, religious affiliation or social background influence them. They all follow the same ideas about expressing themselves by the way they dress and use makeup.

The appeal of Gothic fashion

It has to be noted here that all Goths cannot be classified as nonconformists or rebels. There are quite a few people who follow this path simply because they find the look fascinating. Other people just want to be appreciated and have a sense of belonging in a community that lauds uniqueness.

Beauty in dark things

Just like many other groups, Goths have their personalities and what they like varies from person to person. They may find dead trees beautiful. Instead of the good guys in movies, they are attracted to dark characters. The booming voices and the eerie music playing on the screen when characters like Ra or Darth Vader appear appeals to them. You don't become a Goth. You just are.

Being a Goth is not a phase you are passing through. Either you are a Goth or you are not. Some people claim to have been Goths. You cannot grow out of being a Goth. You can't fundamentally change who you are.



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