What is The Church of Satan?

'There is a beast in man that should be exercised, not exorcised.' So said Anton LaVey, founder of the first overt organization that accepted the true nature of man; a carnal beast, existing in a world that doesn't care about his existence.

Satanists believe that we are carnal by birth. We do not believe in the theory that the soul is caged in the body. Pride, individualism, and liberty are the qualities we endorse. There are no conflicting ideas about what we feel and think. The Satanist ideology is considered to be evil by people who believe in deities. Unlike Satanists, believers in external deities are constantly at loggerheads when dealing with their minds and emotions.

If you go through 'The Satanic Bible,' a classic work that was written by Anton LaVey, he writes that man; with the power of his brain has conjured gods, because it is not possible for the human species to control their egos. By creating various characters, he allows himself to indulge in carnal desires without feeling any sense of guilt.

As such, all Gods have formed. These gods are exaggerated projections of the basic characteristics of the people who created them. The aspects of personalities or the universe are personified in ways that can be troubling. If you follow this argument, it means that when you worship a particular god, by proxy, you are worshipping the person who created him.

To a Satanist, all gods are a figment of the imagination. Rather than worship such entities, a Satanist prefers to put himself in the middle of his universe. In this respect, it is easy to understand that Satanists are their own 'Gods.' This makes them 'deities,' themselves and they give love to those who need or deserve it. When they are exposed to those who mean them harm, they retaliate with wrath; without crossing limits.  

People often ask Satanists if they worship the Devil. The answer is simple. We don't. We are atheists. As the universe is apathetic to us, moral values are subjective; depending on how we, as an individual constructs them. In our subjective universe, we consider ourselves as the most important person; or god. Do we worship ourselves? Maybe. Priest Gilmore, who is the current High Priest of Satanists, believes that we are moving from being atheists to I-Theists.

You may think that we believe in Satan as being an entity or a person. We do not. For us, Satanism is all about individualism and freedom.

Satanism has always been mired in controversial images of human sacrifices, devil worship, and belief in supernatural beings. There is even speculation of members supporting sex with children. Not true at all. If a member is found to be indulging in such activities, he is immediately disbarred. As atheists, we don't believe in an external deity. So the question of conducting sacrifices doesn't arise.

 If you study our ideology deeply, you will have a better understanding of who we are. Who knows? You may even join us.
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