Luciferianism is a belief system where its members revere Lucifer as a guiding spirit and a liberator. Lucifer is not considered an evil being as presented by many Christians. Although Luciferianism is mostly confused with Satanism, these are two different belief systems. Satanism does not believe in the existence of a deity where else Luciferianism worship Lucifer as a deity. Luciferianism has many beliefs some of which are discussed below.

Lucifer as a Symbol of Liberty

Lucifer is known to many Christian as a fallen being that was chased out of heaven due to his pride and his evil ways.  Luciferians believe they worship the magnificent version of this being. As mentioned in Isaiah 14:12 in the Holy Bible. Lucifer was also called the morning star. Luciferians do not believe in any of the evil attributes that are given to Lucifer as described in the Holy Bible. Lucifer is used by Luciferians as a symbol of human progression, enlightenment, and independence.

Protection Of The Natural World

Both the sciences and arts are cherished and considered crucial to the development of humans. The Luciferians advocates for the protection of the natural world. Luciferianism encourages people to focus in whatever is on their hands and to make sure that each and every single day counts. It also stresses the importance of discerning what is good and what is evil and people should know that both have positive and negative effects.

Right To Individuality

Luciferianism is a belief system whose ideology and philosophies are founded on liberty. It encourages its members to make decisions based on an individual. Independence is encouraged for each member. Choices should be made that are meant to overcome challenges in order to enhance one’s will. The fate of an individual is based on one's efforts.

The Pursuit Of Wealth And Prosperity

Luciferianism encourages the pursuit of the world's wealth and prosperity. Being wealthy is a good thing and people should not be shy. If possible people are encouraged to take pride in all forms of prosperity.

Self-Enlightenment Is Encouraged

The ultimate goal of Luciferianism is enlightenment. The basic principles of Luciferianism highlight the freedom to worshipping and exalting oneself. Members are encouraged not to have any fear in regard to eternal punishment as a result of failing to worship a deity.

Glorification of the Carnal Nature

Luciferians are given the freedom to indulge In any form of basic desires that aligns with one's lifestyle. Luciferians refer to themselves as people that openly accept the true nature of man and carnal desires such as sexual gratification should not be ignored at any cost.

Treat Others As They Treat You

Why would you show kindness to someone who is cruel to you? Luciferianism encourages people to treat others as they deserve. The behaviour of someone dictates how you should treat them. Nevertheless, kindness is not discouraged though there is no need in burdening yourself to treat others more than they deserve.

Doubt Is Encouraged

Luciferianism encourages its members to be open-minded and willing to change any ideas that one believes. Under certain circumstances, some ideas that were considered to be truths might change hence careful testing of ideas is encouraged.

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