Gothic clothing is a form of a fashion style that is practised by members of the Gothic Subculture. Gothic clothing involves wearing black clothes, pale complexion black hair and black lipstick but not limited to black. The Gothic style of clothing was adopted from the Victorian cult of mourning.

Dressing Goth

Below are characteristics of Gothic dressing.

·         Black

The most profound colour in the Goth subculture is black. To some extent, some Goths wear the black colour from head to toe. In some cases, some even dye their hair. Colours such as dark green, dark purple, deep wine red and at times the white colour are acceptable with a combination of black attire. Black always remains the predominant colour.

·         Casual Wear

In gothic outfit, jackets and shirts that look like corsets are desired. T-shirts with dark printing on them or having a black background are allowed. Ripped dark blue jeans are often worn with these t-shirts. This look can be completed with a black jacket. All items with a skull such as t-shirts, handbags, shoes and ties are acceptable. The skull is always drawn in white colour on black items to bring out the contrast.

·         Shoes

Black boots are more of a classic look in a gothic outfit although black tennis shoes are preferred. The black combat boot is the most common of all although any type of leather boots still completes the gothic look. Black socks are worn along with black shoes so that they do not bring a contrast.

·         Accessories

Goths love wearing a lot of jewellery including bracelets and necklaces. All types of accessories should either be black or silver. Silver is a symbol of the moonlight in the gothic culture.

Reasons for the Gothic Clothing

1.    A Way Of Expressing Their Opinions

One of the most crucial reasons why the Goths wear dark colours is a that Goths are artistic and have a peaceful way of expressing their opinions through music, visual arts and fashion. Each person has his or her own way of expressing their views and hence the Goth people tend to express their view through their clothing.


2.    A Way Of Mourning For The Dead Things In The Society

Goths are people that love mystery, culture, and tradition. Goths believe that people have a throwaway mentality and are becoming more greedy as days pass by. Black was used in the Victorian era for mourning. Through their clothing, the Goths are able to mourn for the dying tradition and culture in the modern society.


3.    An Identity For The Downcast And Depressives

The Goth subculture has provided a home for the outcast and depressives in the society. This form of clothing gives a sense of identity to those people that have either been misunderstood or have not been completely understood by others. This kind of clothing gives a sense of belonging to this kind of people.

4.    A Way of Expressing Romanticism

As mentioned above, Goths have a different way of expressing their feeling in a completely unique way. In nature, Goths are peaceful and romantic people. Wearing of formal attire in association with a black casual clothing is preferred to portray romanticism.

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