Two types of Satanist

In recent times, Satanism or devil worship has been able to make inroads towards being taken more seriously than in the days gone by, and they have come a long way. Broadly speaking, there are two main beliefs that come under the aegis of Satanism; they are the Church of Satan or the LaVeyan Satanism and Luciferianism. However, it is interesting to note that there are many different sub-sects of Satanism. And some are unique in their beliefs. But, the two main kinds of Satanism that exist in modern society aren’t that far out or strange; and like any other religion, it is easy for people to translate things the way they want to suit their needs.


First, let us look at Luciferianism. While not a defined religion, Luciferianism is a belief system that praises and worships the characteristics and the character traits that have been exhibited by Lucifer as shown in the literature and the many books of the Hebrew Bible. There is no denying that it is easy to confuse Luciferianism with Satanism because Satan has often been defined as a fallen Lucifer. But in actuality, Satan is not worshipped by Luciferians. They use the original Lucifer to model themselves on; a personality that is enlightened, progressive and independent. Now let us look at the list of traits that enumerate the principles that Luciferians try to live by.

Accepting the consequences, they are free to act

It is believed by Luciferians that social expectations and taboos should not hinder a person from achieving his or her own goals. They also advocate stoicism if poor decisions are made. This is especially true as society and the people around you may have issues with your choice of life, and you have to accept these consequences with stoicism.

Carnal nature is only as natural

As per Luciferianism, humans have both physical and rational traits. That is why you should not ignore one and give priority to the other. And they also assert that neither of the impulses should be downgraded as sinful. Luciferians not only accept but take delight in the pleasures of the flesh.

When warranted, reciprocity is allowed

To those who have proved themselves worthy, Luciferians can give to people what they deserve instead of offering the other cheek. They believe that it is the behavior of others that controls how you should treat them. Kindness is not discouraged but people are treated as they deserve.

The Church of Satan

The Church of Satan was founded on the 30th of April, 1966 by a man called Anton Szandor LaVey. The Church of Satan is the first organization above ground that accepts man’s true character- that of a carnal fiend, residing in the cosmos that really doesn’t care about his existence. For the believers of the Church of Satan, Satan symbolizes the nature of people who they believe are carnal from birth. They feel no rage of conflict between their feelings and thoughts; and they do not believe in the concept of a soul that is trapped in a body.

By and large, Satanists have their independent identities. They, as beneficent entities deliver reciprocity where needed and offer love to those that deserve it.


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