Theistic Satanist also known as spiritual Satanists or traditional Satanist worship and honor Satan addressing him as a real being. Through rituals and meditation, Theistic Satanists endeavor to rouse energy in their body called the Kundalini Spirit. Theistic Satanists are also practitioners of magic and science of occult. Several Traditional Satanists revere Satan/Lucifer whereas some accept him as a friend and do not worship him. One's connection or association with Satan is up to the being, as Satanism respects free thought and independence.

Some beliefs of Theistic Satanists

1. Satan is a real spiritual entity to be served as God. He communicates with his believers and followers. According to them demons, are friends of humanity and give them the much-required individual attention and protection.

2. Spiritual Satanism stresses that we question all things, be strong people, deal with our apprehensions, and achieve our goals by being inventive. The principal of Satanism is using one's intelligence to its maximum potential.

3. Theistic Satanism encourages independence of thought, material achievements, and seeking of knowledge. Contrasting to most religions, Spiritual Satanism advocates one to question everything. It does not in any way oppose or disagree with science. They strongly promote and respect all scientific knowledge and queries.

4. Most theistic Satanists recognize that Satan does not describe a classification of morality or anti-morality. Instead, their Satan is a god of things like independence, sexuality, self-indulgence, pleasure-seeking, and triumph.
5. Satanists are accountable and answerable for their actions and must obey the laws of the land that they belong. They take pride in taking responsibility for oneself.

6. Theistic Satanists are not tied down by doctrines, philosophies, or belief. Instead they believe in one or more gods and can be monotheistic, duo-theistic, polytheistic, pantheistic.

7. Self-development is significant to theistic Satanists. They believe that Satan encourages individuality and independence of thought and assists to raise one's self up despite resistance, through means such as magic and creativity. They believe Satan wants a more equal relationship with his supporters than the Abrahamic God does with his followers.

8. Theistic Satanism often includes a religious pledge and total commitment to their beliefs. They do not encourage individuals who are experimenting on occult practice or who temporarily relish the benefits of the rituals and magic involved.

9. Satan stands for self-determination, strength, authority, and impartiality. Satanists believe that silently taking exploitation and abuse is not earned by us. Satan shows them that individuals deserve better life with full of pleasure and happiness.

Main idea of Satanism is - celebration of the self. It inspires people to seek their own truths, enjoy and appreciate desires without fear of social restrictions and prohibitions, and perfect oneself. Satanism encourages the balance of spirituality with science and technology.

Without this balance, cultures and civilizations sooner or later collapse. While many Satanists do believe in a supernatural and mystical being, they see their association with it as more of a partnership than a mastery of a god over an individual. Satanists consider their customs to be part of the left-hand path. It means that there is a concentration on the self rather than religious authority.

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