Satanic Holidays - Is Halloween a Satanic holiday?

Many Hollywood movies depict Satanists celebrating around a fire. Blood is poured on the altar by witches, while the personification of the devil towers over the ceremony. However, this is far from the truth. Satanists celebrate many of the mainstream holidays just like everyone else. There are no rules about holidays. Satanists decide which holidays they should participate in. There are no set guidelines.  

Satanic holidays and their origin

Like many other holidays, satanic holidays were adapted from the pagan calendar. You can find their source in the satanic bible. It recognizes the changes of seasons and a celebration follows with pomp and joy.

Is Halloween a Satanic holiday?

Halloween has always been surrounded by controversy. For most people, it is innocent fun. but some people worry about its demonic connections. This leads to the question; is Halloween a satanic holiday?

In reality, Halloween has connections with Satanism only in some situations and that too only in recent times. If you look at history, Halloween began much before Satanism came into existence. Satanism as a religion was conceived in 1966. However, Satanists do celebrate Halloween, recent though the practice may be.

Satanists have a whole set of holidays that they like to celebrate. Let's take a look at some of them.


This is the most important holiday in the Satanist calendar. To Satanists, the path to the self is important so it makes sense to celebrate the revered moment. As the birthday is a special day, you can enjoy all that life offers. The New Year gives you a chance to be a better human being.

Walpurgisnacht 30th of April

This holiday is connected with the formation of the Church of Satan. Anton LaVey was the founder. This day is significant as it was the first time when the Church found public recognition.

The date of your initiation

Getting initiated into Satanism is a commitment. You may have made a pact or maybe a ritual was commemorated. To most Satanists, this act is personal and sacred. That is why this day is very important to all Satanists.

Spring Equinox 21st March

Spring is the time of awakening. During spring, the renewing of the self is recognized. Lucifer is often portrayed as Venus. So he is the apt choice to associate with Spring Equinox.

Summer Solstice 22nd of June

This is the time when the sun is at its peak and the days are long. This holiday is a reminder of the events that took place during the year.

Autumn Equinox 21st September

Autumn is the season for harvest. For Satanists, there is symbolism in the cycle of the moon, West and Lilith. 

Winter Solstice

As winter sets in, the earth goes to sleep. This brings memories of the cycle of life and death. This season too is symbolic. Satan's planetary counterpart is Saturn. Saturn reflects the necessity of endings. Only when things end can there be a new beginning.

Satanists love life. They look at children and animals as pure and never harm them. Satanists like everyone else enjoy eating good food and drinking good wine. They exchange gifts and enjoy the richness of life.

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