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so today's video is about the pentagram
which is a highly requested subject and
if you believe that the pentagram is a
satanic symbol and you think it is evil
or if you just curious as to what it
means or where it comes from then you
should watch this video hi and welcome
to my series about symbols in the Gothic
subculture and this is the second video

in this series so if you haven't watched
the first video yet you should go and do
that yet you should watch that first or
maybe before you comment so today's
subject is the most requested thing and
after I posted the last video which is
pentagrams most of the time in this
video you'll see me use the terms
pentagram and Pentacles interchangeably
because that most of the nutrition that
I researched in the papers that I read
they were using an interchangeably
the only specification that I read was
the inverted pentagram so that's clearly
the one with both points pointing
upwards and then the regular pentagram
would be that one with one point
pointing upwards I have not read
anything about whether or not tentacle
is referring to the two point up store
so first of all my sources are several
papers that I found through the Google
Scholar search so you could just go and type in pentagram
tentacle whatever and then there's tons
of essays and papers come up so I read
some of those and yes I'll just begin by
telling you what I found so the history
of your pentagram seems to start in
ancient Greece the five-pointed style
was used by the claws of the famous
mesons mathematician to toggle to fit
the toggle oh just a group I don't know
what the english-speaking world calls
him and they use it because of its
special geometrical form
I am element mathematician
I'm very very bad with numbers so please
if you're interested in this go look
this up and they call it a is a golden
ratio and it's connected to these two
will not she numbers and well it's a
kind of special form of geometrical
symmetry with the line in the star but
don't ask me for them this represented
mostly health or truth engine Roman
acaba used describes a pentagram as the
five elements in balance so it more or
less stood for the universe of the
ordered universe and this seems to be a
meaning that comes up a lot of times in
a lot of different places and times
throughout history so yeah the five
points of the star stands for fire air
water earth and spirit and this is the
meaning that can be found in a lot of
places and this is a meaning that I
personally also adapt because I'll also
pointed out the perfect for houses
circle and this is another mathematical
thing I think that if you have a circle
and it's of a perfect form that can sort
of never be reached because it's a form
that consists of super many corners
angles and as bad with math in those
anytime hi it was also a lucky number
for many people this symbol was used by
many many different cultures and
movements and also in Christianity it
had a major role and so for example in
early Christianity it often stood for
the Star of Bethlehem that led the wise
men to the baby Jesus and so in this
sense it also stands for the incarnation
of God on earth
so the materialization of God and the
sources that I read it's not specific is
the pentagram is upside down or not they
used it interchangeably Constantine the
Great who was the first Roman Emperor to
convert to Christianity also had an
upside-down an inverted pentagram on a
field my favorite subject is always
literature and do you know the medieval
poem circle line and the green light in
that poem the night also has the
inverted pentagram on a shield and in
that case the five points then for the
five Knightly virtues which I have to
read to you and they are Noble
generosity fellowship purity quartz tea
and compassion he also tells us that
they also remind the knight of the five
joys marry head of Christ I'm not a
Bible excerpt but he says those are
Annunciation negativity resurrection
ascension and assumption so if you want
to look that up
feel free some medieval times it was
mainly used as a sign of protection as
it is still used today in many cultures
or cults or religions that use the
pentagram and I like to view it as that
as well so it's a protective time it's
nothing evil in medieval times it was
used to ward off witches and demons and
devils usually as I researched this
topic I found that the symbol is
included in a lot of churches and church
windows and on the outside of churches
so why would they use it if it's a sign
of the devil even in medieval books of
magic the pentagram only appears as a
sign of protection as I understand it
from my sources no witch hunting manual
no nor any magic book ever describes the
as a sign of the devil or Satan or evil
in general in the 17th century
Paracelsus describes the pentagram as
the only effective thing against all
unclean spirits in 1805
Deut espoused came out and in there is
still a protective sign but only is
drawn perfectly in 1855 of French
occultist first called the pentagram
something evil and he only called the
inverted pendulum something evil and his
name was living and he in his book the
dogma and ritual of transcendental magic
he said the pentagram was two points in
the ascendant represent Satan as the
goat of the Sabbath when one point is in
the ascendant it is a sign of the Savior
but as I read it the sources were
somehow pity he didn't really have any
evidence of that word he seems to me
have made that up many of his
contemporaries didn't really follow that
even as the Crowley belief that the
pentagram represents Spirit manifesting
into the material so that would go back
to the Star of Bethlehem version not
only about 50 or 60 years ago when
Anton's under the face found the Church
of Satan he really gave the inverted
pentagram of an easel meaning as to say
that he chose the inverted pentagram
with the goat's head inside and two
lines around with the Hebrew word for
device and around as his symbol of the
Church of Satan
so okay yes and there is that meaning
but it's only you know about fifty years
old and the history of the pentagram
goes back thousands of years so what is
worth more in the modern week a movement
I have read that the pentagram also
stands for the five elements
and is often used in protective spells
and things but I'm not a Wicca so if you
want to know more about the Wiccan
religion which is a peaceful natural
religion and not an evil witches things
and please go check out that term I
really like to watch the videos that
fellow youtuber Harmon unite make and go
check her out she's a Wicca and she
talked about Wiccan religion in our
videos what I'm not quite sure about
though is why is God specifically where
the pentagram and I can only say for
myself you of course nowadays in the
21st century you are aware that this
symbol has a kind of connection to evil
Satan something in the recent past but
the Smith connection was made in the
recent past and I think many of us who
delve into this subculture are aware of
that one mission one has as a goth or
many I have many does have is to to
shape the public so as to achieve
tolerance and acceptance in society and
also to maybe also to poke people awake
make them more creative themselves make
them dare to be more creative themselves
so you want their attention so using a
symbol that is widely believed to be
evil of course raises attention and then
if people ask you are you Satan
worshippers and you can tell them all
the super cool knowledge you know about
the pentagram and they will be wiser
then you can go and say no not on Gaza
fakeness I wear this pentagram because
it represents the five elements for me
so please tell me down below if you wear
pentagram or inverted pentagram whatever
tell me why why do you wear it so I hope
we can have towards the discussion down
below in the comments so if you want to
address any of these points or discuss
more about a thing do so down below in
the comments and we can have a peaceful
conversation about this interesting
topic and yes and also if you have
further suggestions for different
symbols that I could discuss and please
let me know in the comments below and
yes thank you very much for watching and
see you soon in another video bye

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