Paradise Lost Book 1 - Audio book and text

say first for heaven hides nothing from
dive view nor the deep tract of Hell
save first what caused moved our
grandparents in that happy state favored
of heaven so highly to fall off from
their Creator and transgress his will
for one restraint lords of the world
who first seduced them to that foul
revolt the infernal serpent he it was
whose guile stirred up with envy more
events deceived the mother of mankind
what time his pride had cast him out
from heaven with all his host of rebel
angels by whose aid aspiring to set
himself and glory above his peers he
trusted to have equalled the most high
up he opposed and with ambitious aim
against the throne and monarchy of God
raised impious war in heaven and battle
proud with vain attempt him the old
mighty power hurled headlong flaming
from the ethereal sky with hideous ruin
and combustion down to bottomless
perdition there to dwell in a dementing
chains and penal fire who Durst defy the
omnipotent to Arms
9 times the space that measures day and
night to mortal man he with his horde
cruel a vanquished rolling in the fiery
gulf confounded though immortal but his
doom reserved him to more wrath for now
the thought both of lost happiness and
lasting pain torments him round he
throws his baleful eyes that when his
huge affliction and dismay mixed with
Abdera pride and steadfast hate at once
as far as angels can he Bews the dismal
situation waste and wild a dungeon
horrible on all sides round as one great
furnace flame yet from those flames no
light but rather darkness visible
darkness served only discovers sites of
woe regions of sorrow doleful shades
where peace and rest can never dwell
hope never comes that comes to all but
torture without end still urges and a
fiery deluge fed with ever burning
sulfur unconsumed such place eternal
justice had prepared for those
rebellious here their prison ordained in
utter darkness and their portion said as
far removed from God in light of heaven
as from the center thrice to the utmost
pole there the Companions of his fall
overwhelmed with floods and whirlwinds
of tempestuous fire he soon discerns and
weltering by his side one next himself
in power and next in crime long after
known a Palestine and named Beelzebub to
whom the archenemy invents in heaven
called Satan with bold words breaking
the horrid silence thus began oh how I
have fallen so far once bright in the
heavenly realms Beelzebub you join me in
that glorious enterprise but now we are
only joined in misery God cast us so low
do I repent or change my appearance has
changed but my mind remains unfaltering
I still believe his web most power
should be opposed all is not lost the
unconquerable will how could we not
overcome we must keep hope to wage
eternal war against the tyranny of
heaven o my prince my chief whom I
followed into war whether we were kept
alive by strange chants of fate we have
lost heaven and we are probably kept
alive only to suffer he wants us to
serve his will and eternal punishment
rest assured we will never serve his
will our test will always be that
opposite of good and to cause suffering
and if his will is for us to do evil
only to bring forth good that we will
stop that good from coming we must think
how we can revenge God and how we can
conquer the gates of heaven we must
gather an army
is this the place is this our new heaven
this blew me code exchange for that
celestial light be it so from now on
whatever he considers right we will do
the opposite
farewell happy feels welcome hell I am
your new ruler I can make a heaven of
hell and I will make hell out of heaven
God has made me better for here I am
free and not his servant above for it is
better to reign in Hell than serve in
heaven why do our allies lie there in
this oblivious pool leader if you just
speak to them you will give them new
life and they will rise to fight as they
have done before Prince's potent and
warriors the flower of heaven once yours
now lost yet you lie around gravely
awake arise or be forever fallen they
heard and were abashed and up they
sprung upon the wing as when men want to
watch on duty sleeping found by whom
they dread browse and fester themselves
ever well awake nor did they not deceive
the evil plight in which they were or
the fierce pains not filled yet to their
generals voice they soon obeyed and knew

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