At some point in your life, you probably have had people who have misunderstood you in one way or the other. In a similar way, one of the most misunderstood religion in the word is Satanism. Just the mention of that name alone might scare you. Below are some of the misconception about Satanism.

Satanists Are Devil Worshippers

Satanism does not involve devil worshipping as most of us think. Satanists do not believe in the existence of a supernatural being. The Church of Satan does not believe in the Islamic or Christian notion of Satan nor do they worship Satan as a deity. Their central conviction is based on the nine satanic statement and the eleven satanic rules. They use the Satanic Bible as their guide in relating to one another and the rest of the people.

Satanism Involve Offering of Animals and People

This is another misconception about Satanists. Satanism has a high respect and exalts life in all perspective. In other religions, we have seen an animal being offered to a deity such as God in order to appease him. As mentioned above, Satanist does not believe in the existence of a deity hence offering of sacrifice is considered non-essential.

Satanists Abuse Children Sexually

There are three forms of ritual practised by Satanist: sexual rituals, compassionate rituals and destructive magic. The sexual rituals are intended for the acquisition of the desired sexual partners. Children are banned from all the three rituals. Children are only involved in satanic baptism which is meant to involve infants.

Satanism Involves Selling Of Souls to the Devil

Selling of souls to the devil is a form of showing love to a deity. LaVeyan Satanist is atheist. The Satanism system gives its members freedom to indulge in the basic desires that align with their lifestyle and perspective and this does not involve the selling of souls.

Satanist Have Supernatural Evil Powers

Satanist do not have supernatural power but they do practice magic. Magic is not regarded as supernatural phenomena rather it is a normal phenomenon that was undiscovered by scientists. LaVey stressed that unlike intellectual acts, magic can be manipulated by emotions. In Satanism, magic is listed into two forms: greater magic and lesser magic. Greater magic is meant to focus on one's emotions energy while lesser magic is the practice of manipulation through applied psychology.

Satanist Are Evil and Violent People

When you hear someone is a Satanist, you wouldn’t think they are friendly, would you?  Although Satanists may not seem to be the friendly type just because of the name, they indeed are just like other human beings. Satanists stress that their religion is founded on atheism and liberty with the freedom to indulge and has nothing to do with evil.

Satanists Are Powerful and Wealthy People

You have probably come across people who want to join the satanic community just to be rich. Satanism does not offer any supernatural powers that will turn your life around from being poor to being rich within no time. Satanism encourages its members to work hard and to live within their means.

In conclusion, just like any other religion Satanism has been misunderstood over and over again.  Satanism is a religion that has nothing to do with devil worshipping or offering of human and animal sacrifices. It is a religion founded on individualism and liberty.

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