“Satanism represents opposition to hypocrisy, every human being feels rage, every human being feels anger, and we feel it is natural to express that anger in a healthy way.” 
― Nikolas Schreck

The left-hand and right-hand paths show the bifurcation between the approaches to magic by occult and religious practices. These terms have lots of disagreement and prejudice among themselves, but they also have a few things in common. According to some, the Left-Hand Path is associated with wicked black magic and the Right-Hand Path with compassionate white magic. Though there are others who believe that left-hand and right- hand simply refers to different methods of approach and they do not necessarily represent good and bad magic.

How the term originated

People since ancient times have associated the right with kindness and morality and the left with lowliness and wickedness. One’s most reliable and dependable counsellor is generally called his right-hand man. Previously, even left-handed children were compelled to learn to do things with their right hand.

In ancient Greece predictions were done by means of using flying birds; the bird that flew to the left denoted bad portent and the bird that flew to the right signified good indication. So, linking the left with ill-fated events or evil happenings have there for a long time. Even after Christianity was united into civilization the tags had persisted.

Left-Hand path

The left has always been perceived as feeble, menacing, weird or peculiar. Now, those who associate with the left-hand path treat it as a path of self- empowerment. The left-hand path concentrates on the courage and tenacity of the practitioner. It is trusted to be about the advancement of the self as well as the denunciation of religious authority. The followers also believe that the need for intervention by any higher power is not needed.

Both theistic and atheistic satanism follow the left-hand path and it is considered as no good by those who believe it to be negative. Whereas mostly right-hand path practitioners often toil and labor for the assistance of a god, also self is denied while doing good to others.

Right-Hand Path

Majority of religions are regarded to practice the right-hand path like Christians, Jews, Wiccans, Druids, and the others like them. According to them, the right-hand action leads to creation and the left-hand action leads to destruction.

One of the important ideas that separate the right-hand and left-hand path is moral guidance. The right-hand path followers do not use dark magic for doing ill to someone, declaring that the magic user will get it back in three folds. Whereas, Satanists and others who work with the left-hand path are not confined by these ethical rules.

Some people cannot visualize living without the touch of a godly force in their lives. Yet the individual who is following the left-hand path possibly will explain that force in a different way.

The person who follows the left-hand path is the individual who is eventually accountable and responsible for his triumph or letdown. The left-hand path should be tried by all, even the right-hand practitioners otherwise they will miss the chances of self-improvement and self-enrichment.


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