Know the differences - Gothic / Satanic / Occult Clothing

It is easy to club Gothic, Satanic and Occult clothing under one label. Most people will associate these types of clothes with either the devil or witchcraft. However, all these groups have their different style statements; and are not what they seem. Let's explore each of these styles for better understanding.

Goth clothing

When the English 'Goth rock' band rose to popularity in the late 1970s, it led to the beginning of the Goth culture. You can identify Gothic dress by the black or dark shades of clothing. Dark velvets, lace, fishnets, tight corsets are used in profusion. Black makeup is often used; dark eyeliner, nails and black lips. The colors used are often corpse-like; with sinister and mourning tones. Elements of the Victorian, the Medieval and the Elizabethan periods can be found in Goth fashion. Also common, are crucifixes, crosses and, ankhs.

Fishnets that are popular with Goth fashion are comfortable even in summer. They are worn on legs, arms and even as shirts. Long skirts trimmed with lace and flowing skirts are also in demand.

Satanic clothing

These are uncertain times. For young people trying to find their way, exploring the satanic way of life can be intriguing. With their exciting clothing, it's easy to get converted.

A must-have is a leather jacket that has an 'I don't care' attitude. A very fancy corset is also very popular among Satanists. Most of these corsets are ill-fitted. They are generally constructed badly and the plastic bones inside tend to wear off quickly. The jeans are absurdly tight and are a fashion statement. It is so easy to fall in love with satanic clothing.

Satanists also wear leather doggie collars. Most of these are embellished with studs. For Satanists, this is the epitome of style. T-shirts with catchy slogans are also worn. Pentagrams made out of cats are popular. There are a lot of witty slogans to choose from. The more adventurous Satanists wear leather horns.

Occult clothing

The definition of occultism is making use of internal thoughts to bring changes into the world outside. Nudity is promoted as clothing is said to hinder the flow of magical energy. To show their devotion to their goddess, the practitioners of Wicca perform their rites in the nude.

Some occultists wear tunics without undergarments due to modesty. The feet are left bare. Some groups wear clothing using symbolic colors depending on the ceremony or ritual. The pentacle is commonly worn by most occultists as a symbol of association to pagan religion. The pentacle in a disk that is inscribed with a five-pointed star that is called a pentagram. The five points symbolize earth, wind, fire, water and, spirit. Occult dresses define the position of a person within a group.

A waist cord in a group indicates that the person has been initiated. Some groups such as the Ovates or the Druids don colored robes that denote rank.

There is something decidedly fascinating about these garments, be they Goth, Satanic or Occult. The outfits are a statement of belief and attitude, more than something that looks good.

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