Illuminati - Weird Ways of the Elite Documentary (2017)

grotesque our famiiy sick is not the
word perverse pastimes devious taste
these people are nasty you know about
their agenda their means of control the
manipulation but now take a look inside
the demented life of the ruling elite a
bizarre detached world where the hobbies
are illegal I was strict with my
clothing and began running before I
would be hunted down the party's private
and the meaning to die prepare to see

the creepy objects they collect the
sickening presence they exchange and
learn the shocking lengths they will go
to try and achieve immortality as has
been noted by observers and historians
for centuries the elite are not like you
and me she rose up like a bulldog and
she tore the flesh from the shoulders of
this girl so much so that some
researchers have concluded they're not
even human
sister Pryda for a twisted i opening
ride through the darkest caverns of our
world inhabited only by those vile
creatures we dare call the elite
the ruling so-called elite certainly
view themselves as a race apart but who
are they typically the elite come from
certain ancient bloodlines researcher
Fritz spring Meyer identified 13 such
bloodlines in his book bloodlines of the
Illuminati the elite are obsessed with
genealogy many tracing their bloodlines
back thousands of years to ancient Sumer
and Babylonia these are the people at
the top of the pyramid who fund both
sides of wars spark revolutions make
presidents their puppets and they are
weird not just eccentric or odd but
totally inhumanly strange and evil a
common distinguishing theme among elite
circles is an inversion of everything
good is bad ugliness is beauty and pain
is pleasure think of The Addams Family
and their affinity for death and forgery
in fact the creator of the cartoon
Charles Adams strange legal II his own
surname was from an elite bloodline
himself and related to President John
Adams the Adams are identified by Fritz
spring Meyer as an Illuminati bloodlines
given the wealth and status typical of
an elite family one might expect an
Illuminati heir to have the perfect
childhood however nothing could be
further from the truth while ostensibly
spoiled those born to old elite families
are subjected to neglect and abuse to
deliberately cause their mind to
dissociate the Duke family heirs made
headlines when they revealed their life
of abuse they endured growing up
the twins recall being locked in the
basement for indefinite periods made to
eat their own feces and scalded in
boiling hot baths he'd pick me up by my
ankles yeah he picked up by your ankles
like this yes and he would drop me you
stood up as well
sliced your feet up yes was nice on like
the bottom of your feet the tops all
over where would he tell you
what other forms of abuse did these
people perpetrate you know you've been
hit we know you've been sliced with a
nice we know you've been fed your own
extra mint we know you've been locked up
these things I do know but I don't want
to talk about him
something don't think people should know
do you go to I mean there's stuff that I
don't even want I just remembered
nannies used to play Russian roulette
with us they thought it was funny what
the articles won't tell you is these are
all forms of trauma-based mind control
which is almost always done to
illuminated children these people are
are worked by this generational torture
that they do their children and and so
they get to you as an early child you're
raped at least once a week when you grow
up in a satanic family you're beaten
you're put in two small cages you're one
of the best rituals that they use to
split the mind so they can build altars
and form a multiple personality person
is when you're three or so they'll put
you in a custom-built wrought iron cage
and leave you in a room for several days
wait a minute how common is this this is
this is standard operating procedure
generational child abuse has been passed
down in their families for hundreds of
years as always they have the power to
never even be questioned in 2014 an heir
to the Illuminati DuPont family
confessed to raping his three-year-old
daughter but was only sentenced to
probation because the judge felt he
quote would not fare well in prison he's
been convicted I mean he pled guilty to
4th degree rape of a child under the age
of I mean 3 and younger and yet he is on
probation ok and the defense lawyer the
court felt that he shouldn't be sent
there because he isn't gonna do very
well because he's a rapist and rapist in
prison usually have a really hard time
and he didn't want him to have a really
hard time I suppose and the defense
lawyer said that the judge got it right
and they certainly could protect them
they just put a minute in solitary
confinement well here's the thing I mean
even if there are all kinds of rapists
once they are found guilty or they plead
guilty they're supposed to go to prison
not have probation where they're free to
find other little children to rape just
are infants to rape I mean like under
the age of 3 toddlers to rape that's
really what we're talking about here but
you don't want to send somebody to
prison because they might not do well I
mean you know seriously what that does
is reinforces behavior like this guy
like DuPont that they don't really have
to pay the consequences that normal
humans do just because they're wealthy
it is the most I mean I can see people
around the world just laughing our
justice system I mean spitting at our
justice system because of because we let
this happen this is not just rape this
is a form of ritual abuse that is done
within old so-called elite families
children raised in an Illuminati family
are taught not to feel compassion and to
believe that empathy is weakness but
there is something about their genetics
which has deleted empathy it's deleted
the ability to feel the consequences
for others of your actions because if I
have empathy feelings for how you will
feel from my actions then there is an
immediate limit on my actions I'm not
going to do something to you because III
have empathy with how it will make you
feel delete that they're in there are no
they are sometimes forced to participate
in the abuse or sacrifice of animals to
further breakdown their mind you will
torture them you will make them watch
animals and children being sacrificed as
a form of incredible trauma you'll find
out their greatest fear and you make
them experience it over and over again
to break them mentally and emotionally
being raised in a secret world of
Horrors leads the children to develop
into socially inept psychopathic adults
Leonardo da Vinci Vincent van Gogh just
a couple of the names that come to mind
when we think of beautiful art and of
course the aristocracy is sponsoring
today's generation of talented
inspirational artists long while the
elite do keep masterful works of art
hidden away in their private collections
the art they truly fawn over is not
really what most would even consider art
in total celebration of all that is
grotesque and repulsive the sick
individuals who run our world pay
outrageous sums to collect the most
disturbing art they can find I was
reading this morning on ABC news about
the Sultan of Oman and other people you
know buy are or buckets of maggots I
told they loved buckets of maggots
images of dead children and maggots
crystal skulls formaldehyde fish tanks
with dead cows in them dressed in gold
you know Jesus with maggots all over him
and I mean they'll spend 10 20 million
apiece there's been one case 99 million
on one of them and the artists have all
got names like Damian and the you know
they'll have body modification these
little chicken neck cowards come in
there and then and then you know and all
the elite flutter around and buy it
see that's who rules thanks that's who
runs it imagine having a jar of maggots
covered in some rotten flesh or images
of their favorites are dead babies
covered in maggots but because of laws
it'll be a fake baby covered in maggots
and it's just you know all these elite
homes oh let's go to the let's go to
other room where it really shows who we
are and that to them
it's so beautiful images of demons
eating babies images of maggots covering
everything maggots
cans of human feces for millions of
dollars apiece and they'll tell you they
write about it they say well we buy
ninety nine million dollar you know
maggot buckets because it shows our
adoration for the maggots and death it
is worship of the maggots these are if I
had to describe the New World Order
their maggot worshippers and I'll just
say that I mean they really are maggot
worshippers that's their works of art
you see this is just the front of the
maggots the dead kids the golden calves
covered maggots and crap you know this
is what they're into they are the rotten
flesh maggot cult and to them stinking
flesh rotten death piles of blood
vomit bile is beautiful it's gorgeous to
them whereas a normal person recoils an
old person loves a gorgeous Vista the
ocean a sunset you know a beautiful
woman or you know a man can admire you
know a athlete or a singer no no that's
not what they to them high culture is
murder death children begging for their
lives howls of pain
take for example Washington DC power
broker Tony Podesta brother of John
Podesta former White House chief of
staff his home is filled with disturbing
paintings of children being stripped
down and tortured he has a golden statue
known as the arch of agony modeled after
the posed corpses of serial killer
Jeffrey Dahmer's victims if you don't
see the artistic beauty in that you are
obviously an uncultured play bein when a
cannibal painting was found hanging in
John Podesta's Clinton campaign office
his only comment it's better to be the
guy with the fork than the guy on the
table another so-called artist admired
by Tony Podesta and the like is Patricia
pitch and Nene this woman creates
realistic sculptures of absolutely
grotesque lifelike monsters and
repulsive human hybrid creatures often
depicted clutching children in
disturbing poses from memorabilia to
toothbrushes many people have household
collections however none quite as
bizarre as those within the Illuminati's
inner circle being members of the
ultimate ancient death cult it should
come as little surprise that the most
coveted collector's item among today's
satanic aristocracy are antique torture
devices jewelry made from him bones
items made of human skin and other such
McCobb pieces human leather for instance
is a favorite among the elite who pay
over twenty thousand dollars for a
single wallet made out of it in the old
days black magic books would be bound in
human leather when the holiday season
rolls around malls and electronic stores
are packed with frantic customers
desperate ticket this year's it item let
the shopping the saving oh and the
shoving big
but for the elite nothing so mundane
would ever suffice Illuminati member
hunter s Thompson described just what
the elite like for Christmas in his 2004
book hey Ruby sating that the autumn
months are never a calm time in America
there was always a rash of kidnapping
and abduction of schoolchildren in the
football months preteens of both sexes
are traditionally seized and grabbed off
the streets by gangs of organized
perverts pedophiles who traditionally
give them as Christmas gifts to each
other to be personal sex slaves and
playthings Thompson's claims rink
especially true in light of the
increasing awareness surrounding the
disturbing numbers of missing kids in
North America so when I presented what
we had in our case the person that
followed me in presenting was a member
of the FBI and what they had laid on the
table about this size was nothing but
one publication after another after
another it had all been taken from a
pedophile in our raid that the FBI
conducted and one of the things was a
book on how to coerce or abduct a child
into a car the how-to books that teach
pedophiles to do this paraphernalia that
would be used in some type of sexual
torture for children and then the other
interesting thing those
table was a book of pictures of kids
with not yet in command
the state was if you could order a kid
out of that book and the interesting
thing is that in time to time when we do
hear of reports of children being
photographed either on a playground and
or walking to and from school or just
whatever in many cases there is an
abduction attempt on the same child up
to three weeks a month or two months
later sports gardening hiking just a few
of the many great pastimes enjoyed
worldwide but what about the elite what
do you do when you've got all the money
in the world the finest and the best get
boring so you seek out the bizarre but
even that soon loses its allure you can
get by with anything your twisted mind
can concoct and if money and power
enough to cover your tracks everything
gets pushed to the extreme how far will
the elite go to catch a thrill human
hunting parties blood-drinking and utter
sadism these people the yachts the
hookers the power it all starts not
having a luster anymore so they pay top
dollar at first for the snuff films of
children big and Europe big and Russia
just incredible evil and so that's
that's the thrill
they get a fiendish thrill a lot of
watching others suffer one of the young
heirs of the Illuminati Dukas state that
revealed their lives of abuse and
torture sent his bodyguard to the
hospital by lacing his food with ghost
pepper sauce 400 times hotter than
Tabasco the air knew of the guards
pre-existing condition which would be
aggravated by the pepper the man claims
the disturbed teen did it to quote
entertain himself and get his kicks such
cruel sadistic behavior is in keeping
with those such as the Duke family which
is of an Illuminati bloodline each year
the thrill of camping lures hundreds of
thousands out of the cities and suburbs
and into the great outdoors and while
the elite are no exception you can be
sure it isn't marshmallows getting
roasted around their camp each July
bankers politicians entertainment moguls
and Illuminati kingpins gather inside a
2700 acre elite compound nestled in
Northern California known as the
Bohemian Grove for over 128 years
world leaders have descended on the
giant redwood grove and brought with
them a flurry of speculation you've got
all these CIA directors Attorney
General's vice presidents presidents you
have the former German Chancellor Helmut
Schmidt he says we have our own druidic
groves in Germany but my favorite place
to go he calls it druidic is Northern
California groves have held a sacred
place in the lore of Druids for
centuries this mysterious order of
Celtic priests have performed both human
and animal sacrifice in their grows in
ancient England and historically similar
orders Romans Greeks Scandinavians also
all consider groves
to be sacred spaces almost immediately
bizarre whisperings began to search
about something dark and occult going on
deep within the groves tightly secured
perimeter the rumors entailed sinister
stories of men in black robes and a
giant 40-foot stone al to which
something or someone was being
the unworldly reports were all proven
true when radio show host Alex Jones
infiltrated and filmed the notorious
cremation of care ritual Grove members
claim this to merely be a mock human
sacrifice but many researchers insist
real human sacrifices take place as well
avid hunters pay large sums to go on
hunting parties for wild game but for
the elite class there's no animal quite
as thrilling to hunt as mankind himself
these human hunts are known in elite
circles as the most dangerous game
MKULTRA mind control victim Cathy
O'Brien recalls being forced to
participate in such hunts involving
powerful figures and Illuminati kingpins
of course early evening when they played
most dangerous game I was stripped of my
clothing I was allowed to wear tennis
shoes and told that I could have a head
start and begin running before I would
be hunted down my exposure to a result
of the end by believing I had no place
to run and no clothes
as to what could happen in my existence
at that time was most extreme one of the
most extreme situations I think ever
ever survived reports have surfaced of
European Royals Nobles and high-ranking
politicians also participating in human
hunting parties the movie the purge
election year showed how the elite liked
to kill for fun and sport the movie even
depicts a group of wealthy elites
participating in a version of the most
dangerous game
after a long day of hunting down
terrified captives there's no better way
for the elite to relax them with a nice
fresh drink of human blood the most
sought after high among the elite comes
from an extremely rare yellowish brown
drug obtained by sacrificing a terrified
victim and using a hypodermic needle to
extract a substance known as adrenal
chrome from the base of the neck or a
lesser effect by drinking the blood of
the sacrificed person where'd you get
this never mind it's absolutely pure
what kind of monster climb if you hooked
up with this time
Satanism freak I think there's only one
source for this stuff adrenaline gland
from a living human body I know I didn't
have any cash to pay me yet for me human
blood said it would take me higher than
I'd ever been in my life I was kidding
have an ounce is so pure adrenochrome
many Illuminati elite are addicted to
the extreme high of human adrenaline
secreted at the height of terror I've
talked to a lot of Satanists who told me
common themes about what goes on in
these in these rituals and and one of
the things that they do is when they're
sacrificing somebody the the people with
invisible light and Satanists and the
bloodlines they'll drink the blood
because when the terror reaches a
certain point in the ritual a certain
adrenaline goes in the blood which give
these people are high I mean sick is not
the word
cannibalism is another particularly
enjoyed practice among the elite often
done in a ritualistic nature most
shockingly in his book bloodlines of the
Illuminati Fritz Spring Meyer claims
that the flesh of the Illuminati grand
dame Doris Duke of the notorious Duke
family was consumed in a satanic
howlloween ritual
what differentiates the elite bloodline
from everyone else long ago in the
ancient cultures to which they trace
their heritage the ancestors of today's
hidden rulers pledged themselves and
their future generations to the dark
force that opposes humanity call it
Satan archons or whatever and that
energy still lives on through their
descendants to this day as one begins to
study the lives of the elite a common
denominator is always their allegiance
to Luciferian doctrine it is the key
tenant of the Illuminati of course even
the owl is a symbol of ancient Mystery
Babylon the owl was worshipped by the
ancient Egyptians and by the Babylonians
and it's interesting to me that many of
the members of the Bohemian Grove have
in their homes as I understand it small
figurines of owls and I believe they
actually worship those owls as a symbol
of the deity the great goddess of
Babylon they believe themselves to be
the sons and daughters of the fallen one
Lucifer here's the way they look at it
here is their metaphor
Adam and Eve were held prisoner in the
Garden of Eden by an unjust cruel and
vindictive God Lucifer through his agent
Satan set me in free from this pardon by
giving him the gift of intellect through
the man will conquer the earth will
conquer nature and will himself become
God it's taught in every Masonic Temple
in this land every secret Brotherhood
every secret society organization
teachers satanic serial killer David
Berkowitz said Satanists are not
ignorant peasants or semi-literate
natives rather their ranks are filled
with doctors lawyers businessmen and
basically highly responsible citizens
the elite are obsessed with the likes of
Aleister Crowley and engage in the
disgusting rituals he prescribed which
includes the consumption of bodily
fluids and child sacrifice now a lot of
these bloodlines are Satanist in fact
the major ones are all Satanists and by
that I mean they are into human
sacrifice human blood drinking and all
that all this all that other stuff their
sacrifice of children and it's been
going on way back and people have no
problem with the fact that it was going
oh yeah those Asian shoes to do that and
them Aztecs and all that stuff but they
can't expand that perception of the
possible that's still going on it is
massively going on the fact is it was
openly going on then then it became
unacceptable to the population in
general and it's gone on secretly ever
since these rituals are increasingly
being done in public on a scale not seen
since the days of Stonehenge
the opening of a tunnel and Switzerland
was the scene of a bizarre ritualistic
performance featuring none other than
the satanic goat Baphomet
the Horned God was the central figure of
much of the occult performance which
also included severed heads hanging
bodies and other strange imagery this
was a high society event attended by
European power brokers and political
heavyweights such as Angela Merkel
Francois Holland then president of
France and Italian Minister Matteo Renzi
the elite puppet masters are obsessed
with extending their earthly existence
by any means necessary
while they poison air water with
fluoride and food with GMO the ruling
elite have access to the best food
doctors and advanced life extension
technology to ensure their continued
existence people always live seem to
live long lives don't let the
kissinger's and the father bushes and
the David Rockefellers and the Queen
Mother in in England live to a hundred
and two and the Queen in England now is
well of age because her not given the
same treatment a health treatment the
rest of us get one of the bloody reasons
and also other things that they do which
are very dark satanic and to do with the
energy and children PayPal founder Peter
Thiel made headlines worldwide when he
blatantly spoke of wanting to inject the
blood of children into himself to
enhance and extend his life his remarks
were hardly shocking to Phil's fellow
elites no doubt already familiar with a
controversial practice a disturbing new
trend has emerged in the life extension
field and anti-aging communities
involving the transfusion of a young
blood into the old to cure diseases but
could the practice have any validity
studies show after three weeks of
receiving young blood transfusions old
and previously slow mice were perkier
ran faster and actually grew new brain
cells at a conference in San Diego
Sakura Minami said her team had seen a
rejuvenation effect on the brains of old
mice if studies such as this are now
being presented you can bet the elite
have had this information for quite some
time and we wonder why so many people go
in fact the Queen's mother is reported
to have had several whole body blood
transfusions supposedly up to one a
month at one point and the Queen likely
receives them herself
it was the Queen Mother who lived a
century who admittedly got whole body
blood transfusions from young people on
a monthly basis in fact they've been
trying to suppress it but some evidence
shows the Queen of England is routinely
getting blood transfusions a lot of rock
stars get them in fact this is getting
so widespread
there are even fancy medical clinics in
Austin Texas where I live where you can
get blood transfusions and they even
privately advertise the fact that you
can get the blood of the young elites
have been known to use the life force of
humans for centuries countess Elizabeth
Bathory is a classic example obsessed
with preserving her appearance she
regularly killed and drained young
servants to bathe in their blood
Elizabeth's obsession with her fading
youth manifested itself in bizarre ways
according to evidence given at her trial
witnesses claimed that Elizabeth
cannibalized her servant girls at one
point and we have the testimony of
several witnesses she got angry at one
of her maids and she rose up like a
bulldog it says in this document and she
tore the flesh from the shoulders of
this girl
and bigger breasts she may have eaten
young woman's flesh in an attempt to
incorporate their youth within her
somehow in her mind apparently she
thought if she ingested parts of these
girls maybe she could acquire some of
their youthful beauty she credited the
blood of youth as having a rejuvenating
and anti-aging effect and she may not
have been wrong today we see Kim
Kardashian using her own blood for a
high-end anti-wrinkle facial but this is
likely done with the blood of the young
as well given its known regenerative
properties but when an elites health
situation is more urgent they turn to
replacing their failing organs and you
better believe they're not waiting
around on a donor list the elite
travelled to private hospitals to have
whatever they need replaced with organs
obtained through what is known as the
red market where such illicit biological
commodities are bought and sold but what
good is healthy young organs and
advanced life extension technology if
you can still be killed in a nuclear
attack or civil unrest not to worry the
elite have all that worked out as well
hidden in strategic locations across the
world our ultra private luxury bunkers
built to withstand a catastrophic event
under a mandatory evacuation the elite
had expansive underground facilities
designed to withstand almost every
conceivable scenario
where they plan to wait out the
destruction of civilization some of
these bunkers and bases could hold
thousands more but the elite will only
allow enough extras needed to serve them
theorists believe these bunkers and
bases are part of an underground network
connected via tunnels many Illuminati
researchers believe such a base is
hidden beneath or near the Denver
Airport the mysterious airport has long
drawn suspicion from investigators and
observers alike due to its strangely
over-budget cost frightening statues and
McCobb apocalyptic murals
it's 25 miles from Denver
that's 19 miles farther away than old
Stapleton Airport which seemed to be
just fine and they didn't just lay down
runways and build terminals they've got
enough fiber-optic cables to cover a
city a fueling system that's much bigger
than any Airport would ever need
underground tunnels you can drive trucks
through and it just happens to be in the
middle of a big flat vacant piece of
land that's twice the size of Manhattan
uber tallit anticipate living it out
down in luxurious bunkers imagining the
suffering taking place above them it
appears that these are not mere
but in humanely evil parasitic creatures
who want only enough of us around a feed
off of they have no feelings no
compassion no regard for any living
thing that cannot further their agenda
instead of using their collective wealth
and power to propel humanity forward
they contemplate how they can create
situations or major events such as a
terrorist attack or war that would be
lucrative for them these people are not
only evil they are inhuman they have no
feelings no compassion no regard
whatsoever for anyone or anything that
does not further their agenda we are
disposable containers to them we are
nothing more than useless either's they
would not hesitate for a minute to kill
us if we stand in the way of their goals
regardless of what you see on TV or what
they portray themselves like this is who
they are they organize events like Pearl
Harbor 9/11 and financial crises from
which they profit immensely their
favorite is war
our only useful purpose to them is to
work for them pay our debts to them buy
their goods and services and fight their
Wars other than that we have no use to
them they are completely obsessed with
money and power they are motivated by
immeasurable greed
with a constant lust for more they have
no interest whatsoever in making life
better for us everything has to benefit
them at our expense sometime in the
future humanity will look back and shake
its head wondering how we ever allowed
ourselves to be sheep for these pathetic
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