One of the most popular terms in the media over the years is Illuminati. The mention of the name probably makes most people think about money, sacrificing, and selling of souls. You have probably heard politicians and celebrities being accused of being in the Illuminati because of sudden accrued fame or wealth. What is Illuminati? Is Illuminati real or active? How and when was it founded? How do you become a member? This article will discuss this in detail.

 What or Who is illuminati?

Illuminati is one of the world’s most guarded and powerful organisation that is said to control the entire modern world secretly. To avoid identification, this group uses symbols and pseudonyms.

 History and Origin.

Illuminati was founded in 1776 by Adam Weishaupt a university of Ingolstadt Bavarian professor. Adam was a law Professor who joined hands with a Jesuits priest. Adam had a more liberal and cultured view of the world which seemed to differ from the Jesuits priest. In order to create moral progress and enlightenment among the people, he created Illuminati which was a secret organisation. This was as a result of the difference in opinion between him and the Jesuits priest.

 At that time, the priest had strong political power and banished Weishaupt from the country by invalidating his academic credentials. Weishaupt then moved to Germany who readily accepted him and it is there that he was able to form the ideologies and philosophies of the Illuminati. The mission of Illuminati was to oppose the advance of moral evil. In order to do this, an association of good men had to be found.

 Another intention of Weishaupt was to reform the Europeans ways of running the nations. For such a reformation to occur, the membership requirement of the Illuminati was as follows:

  • The primary requirement was that you had to be wealthy.
  • The second requirement was that you had to have strong societal influence. Through such kind of influence, the Illuminati would accrue more member to fulfil its mission.
  • Lastly, you had to have a political pull. This could help in attracting people to the Illuminati society.

As a result, the Illuminati consisted mostly of people in the upper class such as bankers, doctors, and politicians.

 Does Illuminati Still Exist?

In 1785 secret societies were banned by Duke of Bavaria. Anyone who joined secret organisations was severely punished. This led to dissolution and disappearance of the Illuminati although it did not completely disappear.

 In mid-1970, the Illuminati made a come back through the bookly trilogy. From then on, Illuminati has become essential in all most all popular cultures and subcultures.

 How can I Join Illuminati in the present generation?

The most popular secret society as perceived in today's world is the Skull and Bones. Although there are many other secret societies that are not known in the world, joining such societies is very difficult. Although you may have an outstanding financial, political and societal influence, to become a member of a secret society is only by invitation!

 In conclusion, Illuminati is a general term that is used to refer to powerful secret societies. To this date, Illuminati still exists and is very active. For those planning to join, you have no other option but to wait for an invitation!

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