Goth culture- history and practices

There are many explanations and misconception of what Goth culture represents. Since most people associate the culture with the devil, it’s easy to get the wrong idea about the culture. In this article, we will try to explain the basic of Goth culture, its history, and standard practices.

What is Goth culture?

First, Goth culture is not a religion; most people confuse it to a religion like Christianity, Islam or Satanism. While it’s true most Gothic followers do not believe in God they do not necessarily follow the satanic culture or the devil. People who support the Gothic culture have different perspective concerning the dark things in life. They are fascinated by dark and mysterious things.

Gothic History

The history of Goth culture is traced back in 1979 when the song ‘Bela Lugosi’s Dead’ was released. This is the time the Goth culture came to the limelight although it was already in existence many years before. The first movement started in the United Kingdom with bands such as Siouxsie, Banshees, and Bauhaus although they did not formally associate with the culture.

The emergence of the band 'Sisters of Mercy' in the 80s elevated the Goth culture to new heights. The group openly associated with the culture hence did a lot to promote the movement. In the 90s another movement of Goth culture emerged mainly in the United States. Famous musicians such as Marilyn Manson became the face of the culture. By then social media was gathering pace hence young people could follow the movement online.

Goth Culture

  • Dressing style- most Gothic followers adopt a black dressing code. Thus the dressing is one easy way to distinguish the Goths. However, not all Goths wear black clothes hence it’s common to find Goths wearing other colors.
  • Music Genre- Goth rock is the favorite genre in the Goth culture. This genre became popular in the 80s and borrowed heavily from horror films of the 19th century. Famous Gothics bands include The Sister Of Mercy, Christian Death, Autumn Tear, Dead Can Dance among others. Heavy metal and hard rock are other music genres related to the Goths.
  • Religion- as mentioned earlier Goths do not refer to any religion. Since they are not afraid of things like death and satanic symbols most people confuse them of being followers of Satanism. It’s important to note that there are people who follow the Goth culture and are also members of Christian and Satanism religion.
  • Films- horror films premiered as early as 1900 drew resemblance with the Goth culture. This tells you that Goths mostly relate to horror, vampire and other movies associating with the underground.

The Gothic culture is very appealing to young people for various reasons. The primary reason is that the culture is common in the film and the music industry.  The young people want to relate to the artists who they consider their role models. Most youths join the movement without the basic understanding of what it represents. In that case, they became easy prey for people who use the culture to get the youth in crime and other dark arts.


Getting the fundamentals of the gothic culture is essential for those wanting to join. In so doing you will learn that there are so many misconceptions concerning the lifestyle. The culture is not about violence or dark arts, but instead, it’s a haven for people who choose to see the world differently.

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