Forbidden Occult Practices

Occult stands for things that are hidden and secretive. It’s in human nature to always try to explore and investigate the world of unknown. In that regard, there are several forbidden occult practices in our society yet are widely used today. Below are some of them.

  1. Human sacrifice

Most people wrongly associate human sacrifice with satanic practices. Majority of the people in the world agree that human sacrifice is against the morals of our society. Devil worshippers are thought to offer their loved ones as a sacrifice to Satan which is not true. However, some will argue that abortion is a form of human sacrifice for selfish reasons and should be discouraged at all cost.

  1. Witchcraft

Witchcraft is the act of trying to gain the upper hand over others by use of black magic and spells. It’s important to note that witchcraft was common in the traditional setting of most societies. Satanists challenge the views of Christian religion who believe that by practicing it you choose to serve others gods and powers other than the one God in the Bible.

  1. Enchanter

Enchanter is very close to witchcraft; it’s the act of using sorcery and magic to control someone using a spell. Enchanter is very common in witchcraft movies where one uses a spell to control others against their will. Satanists oppose the Christians belief that these powers come from evil and should be forbidden.

  1. Consulter with Familiar Spirits

Some people claim to have a gift of contacting spirits. The spirits may include relatives who have already died or in other cases souls of unknown. It’s worth noting that some people are born with such powers; hence they have little control over them. Contacting spirits is generally forbidden in society and people believe that no one has authority over them. In that case, the practice may lead to boldly and emotional damage of the living.

  1. Necromancers

The practice of Necromancers is when one alleges to be in contact with the dead people. Indeed, people go to such practitioners to try and contact their dead relatives in a bid to get answers. It is a practice sometimes followed by Satanists.

  1. Divination

Divination is the act of using supernatural means to seek knowledge of the future. It’s more or less like forecasting of the weather. The only difference between the two is one uses science while the other uses supernatural powers which most refer to as evil spirits. Forbidding this practice comes on the basis that demons and other dark spirits are used to predict the future and the mistaken belief the no one except God has the right to know or decide your future.


Occult practices continue to gather mixed reactions because people are divided on whether they are good or bad. Most religious organizations especially Christianity based are strongly opposed to them. It’s through such faith that we find the basis of underlining forbidden occult practices like the ones highlighted above.

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