Contrary to popular belief, Satanism doesn't advocate violence

While it is true that Satanism doesn’t advocate violence, they do believe that violence is a part of life. It does happen. Throughout history, people have been known to fight one another, and will continue to do so. The Church of Satan accepts this reality as a part of life. It really makes no difference if you are clever or moral; sometimes you are destroyed by a person who is stronger, either physically or mentally. Satanists and demon worshippers believe in self-preservation. If you happen to have even a small amount of skill in combat, you will be able to look after yourself when the need arises.

Satanists accept that violence is a part of life and sometimes we have little choice in the matter. They believe in teaching themselves how to respond when under attack. ‘Turning the other cheek,’ is definitely something that they don’t advocate. Pacifism is never an option. If people were to look more closely at the world, they would probably understand that it has been Satanic all along.

Are all Satanists devil worshippers?

It may surprise you to know that most Satanists do not worship Satan or the devil but are in actual fact, atheists. It has been clearly explained by the Church of Satan; founded in the 1960’s, that Satan is a symbol of pride, individualism and liberty. It has little to do with the occult or witchcraft. Satanists do not believe in personifying Satan or the devil as a person. 

Satanists are ok with the idea of Christmas

You may well wonder why Satanists would be ok with the idea of celebrating the birth of Jesus. The Church of Satan claims that the holiday was stolen by Christians from the pagans. Satanists enjoy the rich traditions of the holiday season and the company of friends and family.

Allegations of evil

There are often allegations of ‘evil’ acts, witchcraft and demon worship throughout the country, all attributed to the ‘satanic cult.’ When these rumors merge, they form a complex and dangerous tale. In the 1980’s these rumors created a story that sounded plausible; that there was an underground Satanic Cult in operation. The ensuing media frenzy and panic grew into an epidemic. The biggest myth was the existence of a Satanic Cult. It was said that the cult made up of Satan worshippers functioned underground and performed sacrifices. Fear perpetuated this myth.


To better understand the satanic ideology, let us look at the Kung Fu master. He is not a violent thug. He understands what violence is and when it is necessary. He does not need to exercise it to prove himself to others. The same applies to Satanism. Though they are well able to protect themselves, they don’t go out looking for trouble.

Sadly through the growing panic, many lives were destroyed due to false accusations and till today, many are behind bars for crimes they did not commit. 

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