Artistic Satanism

From the early years, themes of religion have led to fantastic art imageries. There might not be a lot of documentation of the Satanism influence on art but there are many artists that have created or are creating works of art inspired by satanic symbols and themes that are worth recognizing. Below are a few of them.

The demons of street art

These are street artists that use satanic imagery in their works. Some of them include:

  • I-LIB is an artist who lives a lifestyle characterized by magic, occult, rituals and witchcraft. His works challenge the common beliefs of life, love, hate, and death.
  • Monsieur Qui or Eric Lacan is another artist who is known for his satanic artistic creations characterized by skulls, animals, and satanic goat heads. In addition, he is popular for his piece Satan’s slaves.
  • Doug Nox together with other artists in Philadelphia are famous for creation of public stunning artworks which as they say are guardian spirits that affect the energies in their locations and deter evil forces.

Satanic Sculptures

There have been sculptures that have been associated with the Satanism some of the most popular ones include:

  • The Vancouver 9ft high red devil statue whose creator was not known
  • The statue of Baphomet created by Mark Porter for the church of Satan which was to be placed alongside the Ten Commandments monument at Oklahoma state capital is another sculpture that raised eyebrows among the press.
  • Paul Fryer Lucifer Morningstar sculpture found in the holy trinity church of Marylebone Westminster is another notable sculpture inspired by Satanism and the dark world.

Satanic Inspired Paintings

Below are notable painters whose artistic works might have been inspired by the dark world or satanic themes.

  • Francis Bacon was a painter whose works is aesthetically pleasing to Satanism. Examples of his works include screaming popes and perverse eroticism.
  • Goya was another notable painter who was based in Madrid between 1746 and 1828. His paintings were mainly characterized by prisons and madhouse paintings. Of interest to Satanists were his black paintings.
  • Edward Much is to be remembered for his the scream painting but he is also known for other dark paintings including the sick child, Madonna and vampire.
  • Hieronymus Bosch is another painter who was famous between 1450 and 1516. His paintings were characterized by grotesque illustrations of the medieval times. A notable painting from Bosch that is hard to forget is the last judgment.

Satanism Inspired Photographers

There are some photographers whose works appeal to Satanists. Below are a few of them.

  • Andres Serrano is known to create images where things that are seen as opposites come together. In his images the attractive and the hideous come together. He is known to seek what is considered as not beautiful and he tries to finds the sense in strange.
  • Man Ray was a pioneering photographer known for showcasing ghostly and haunting images

Comic Artists

Today comic art is very popular and some comic artists are an inspiration to the Satanists. We discuss some notable ones below.

  • Robert Williams is a comic artist born in 1937 and is known as a psychedelic surrealist who has evolved from underground comics.
  • Bernie Wrightson is popular as a horror comic artist. He is famous for the his macabre and swamp thing works.

The Art Gallery of Satan

The official art gallery of Satan found in New York and headed by JJ Brine a visual artist and electronic musician depicts images of Satanism. The gallery also holds satanic religious ceremonies.

The artists and pieces of artistic work named above have had a major impact when it comes to artistic Satanism. Most of these artists were nit Satanists as some of their work started way before the founding of the Church of Satan. However, they challenged the norm with their works of art.

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