10 FACTS About the CHURCH OF SATAN You Won't Learn in Sunday School !!!

when most people think about the Church
of Satan their mind conjures up images
of devil worship and human sacrifices or
making contracts with the devil written
in blood but would it surprise you if I
told you that this is not even close to
what members of the Church of Satan
believe in and practice keep watching as
I present to you 10 facts about the
Church of Satan you won't learn in
Sunday school

Fact number one
the Church of Satan was founded by Anton Chander
Levay he became disillusioned with
Christianity in his youth as he would
see professor men of God come to body
burlesque shows and engage in drunken
sinful revelry then see those same men
attending tent revivals for Christ on
Sunday displaying hypocritical behavior
of their dual life lavae claimed he left
high school at age 16 to join a circus
and later carnivals first as a circus
worker and cage boy in an act with the
big cats then as a musician playing the
Calliope he soon moved on to become a
burlesque house organ player and police
crime scene photographer it was during
this time that he had a short-lived
relationship with a young Marilyn Monroe
Anton LaVey had at least three children
not by Marilyn Monroe but by other women
the children's names are Carla la veille
Zena Shrek and Satan Dirk sees karnacki
love a

Fact number two
Anton LaVey officially founded the Church of Satan
on April 30th 1966 this date is
significant in the occult world and is
known as Walpurgisnacht or witch's night
this night goes back to the Middle Ages
in German folklore when witches would
gather in the hearts Mountains of
Germany for drunken debauchery rituals -
the Roman god Bacchus called Bacchanalia
walk of bitch knocked is a very
important holiday within the Church of
Satan to this day it was most
popularized in the go day play Faust
Satanists are also known to revel in
other pagan holidays such as saw win'
Beltane the solstices and
equinoxes Walpurgis knife is the highest
holy day within Satanism along with the
individual partitioner zone birthday a
Satanist birthday is important due to
their belief that man is his own God it
is self exaltation this blatantly
violates the first commandment in
Christianity as it elevates man above

Fact number three
Satanists do not actually believe in the being known as
Satan they believe a man is his own God
and Satan actually represents the
archetype of the primal nature of man
they believe that many of the
instinctual urges most Christians
associate with sinful behavior of
mankind should be indulged not denied as
they deny the repression of the Roman
Catholic Church specifically and push
back against their system of denial of
carnal desires Satanists instead indulge
in many sinful behaviors that are
condemned by many Christian churches
especially desires of the flesh such as
sexual immorality this usually does not
extend to sins against other people
unless the other party is a willing
participant in the behavior of the

Fact number four
the official symbol of the Church of Satan is the
sigil of the Baphomet an inverted
pentagram with the goat of Mendes head
within it the characters surrounding the
symbol of the outside are the Hebrew
word for Leviathan in masonic ocultist
le fais Levi Dogma at a little delicate
Naga he writes the pentagram which in
Gnostic schools is called the blazing
star is the sign of intellectual
omnipotence and autocracy it is the star
of the Magi it is the sign of the Word
made flesh and according to the
direction of its points this absolute
magical symbol represents order or
confusion the divine land of or moose
and Saint John or the accursed goat of
Mendes it is initiation or profanation
it is Lucifer or Vesper the star of
or evening it is Mary or Lilith victory
or death
day or night the pentagram with two
points in the ascendant represents Satan
as the goat of the Sabbath when one
point is in the ascendant it is the sign
of the Savior by placing it in such a
manner that two of his points are in the
ascendant and one is below we may see
the horns ears and beard of the
hierarchal goat of Mendes when it
becomes the sign of infernal evocations
this is a blatant idolatry in
Christianity it violates the second

Fact number five
contrary to popular belief LaVeyan Satanism
do not sacrifice animals or humans they
actually up or the practice of harming
innocence in fact the church has
official rules in regards to the
practices they do and do not condone
called the eleven satanic rules for the
earth two of those rules specifically
the ninth and tenth read as follows do
not harm little children and do not kill
non-human animals unless you are
attacked or for food other moral rules
for the Church of Satan adherents are
the nine satanic statements and the nine
satanic sins while Satanists are nowhere
near biblically moral they do have their
own sense of morality that encourages
them not to harm others unless they
deserve it the problem with this
mentality is the degree of punishment
depends on the perception of the
Satanist and what they feel is fitting
Christianity teaches we love and forgive
one another for our transgressions
toward one another even if it is not
reciprocated by the other people

Facts number six
Anton LaVey used and fine-tuned many of the occult
practices of Aleister Crowley's
principles of magic Levite felt many of
Crowley's principles were correct but
they were long-winded and it needed to
be less spiritual in nature and more
practical and refined lavas magic theory
utilized the carnal lustful and natural
instincts of man to achieve
national and personal gain romantic or
sexual satisfaction and the destruction
of enemies all without guilt from the
practitioner the Bible completely
forbids the use of divination as it
promotes men over God a violation of the
first commandment it also opens a gate
through which demons may influence and
deceive you

Fact number seven
Satanists have their own mass called the satanic
mass or black mass it is an exaggerated
and inverted version of the classic
Roman Catholic Mass complete with
satanic hymns and eerie decor a nude
person usually a female and always
voluntary is used as the altar much of
the black mass is a blasphemous
perversion of the Catholic Mass and
prayers are always ended with hail Satan
black masses are usually held in major
cities where there is a presence of 10
or more Satanists in a local area they
are always held on high holidays such as
Walpurgisnacht not every Satanist
attends or participates in black masses
in fact most Satanists are solitary
practitioners or gather in small groups
of three or more in a group called the
Cabal or covet Satanists prefer to be
called witches or Majesties and most
will be quick to correct someone calling
them a warlock as the typical Satanist
feels the term warlock is derogatory
though some Satanists revel in it it is
not typical and is usually reserved for
those wishing to use it for shock value
more than actual occult distinction

Fact number eight
Anton LaVey also called the black Pope wrote five
books in his lifetime for the Church of
Satan these are the Satanic Bible the
satanic rituals the Satanic witch The
Devil's notebook and Satan speaks
levae passed away on October the 29th
1997 at the age of 67 he authored
numerous essays and was the subject of
at least two biographies

Fact number nine
when Anton LaVey passed away in 1997 leadership of the church was
to his mistress and High Priestess
Blanche Barton just a few short years
Blanche Barton resigned and handed the
ownership of the Church of Satan to high
Peter Gilmore in 2001 the church still
thrives under his care today
the governing body of the Church of
Satan is the high priest
Peter Gilmore a group of Majesties
called the Council of nine and numerous
priests throughout the world's church
membership numbers are unknown as the
World Church feels it necessary to keep
most members and membership count
confidential so as not to spark too much
public outrage or paranoia Anton LaVey
assets were passed on to his children
and ownership of the Church Corporation
was passed to Blanche Barton she
unsuccessfully attempted to raise
$400,000 to buy back Anton LaVey
infamous black house located at six one
1/4 California Street in San Francisco
many black masses and other satanic
rituals were held in his house during
his residency there until his death

Fact number 10
some famous members of the Church of Satan
past and present include actress Jayne
Mansfield who was decapitated in a
disastrous auto accident Anton LaVey had
remarked he had put a destruction curse
on the driver of the automobile in Jayne
Mansfield was a victim of circumstances
next to theirs actor and Rat Pack
performer Sammy Davis jr. who was also
inducted as a knight of Malta within the
Roman Catholic hierarchy interestingly
enough then there's pianist and singer
Liberace heavy metal rock icon King
Diamond and serial killer Richard
Ramirez also known as The Night Stalker
while famed shock rock singer and
performer Marilyn Manson was named as a
reverend of the Church of Satan he does
not claim official membership within the
group members of the official Church of
Satan do not believe in the existence of
a spiritual being named Satan even
though that doesn't mean he
isn't real it has been said that one of
Satan's greatest deceptions is
convincing man that he doesn't exist
Satanists are also encouraged to indulge
in sinful behavior including sexual
immorality the Bible tells us in Romans
chapter 6 verse 23 that the wages of sin
is death therefore it's not hard to
deduce that the force behind the
teachings of the Church of Satan is the
devil he wants us to indulge in a life
of sin and be trapped in it so that we
would end up lost the Church of Satan
also incorporates lewd rituals that mock
Christianity and members practice
sorcery this is clearly condemned by the
Bible Deuteronomy chapter 18 verses 10
through 12 states there shall not be
found among you anyone that maketh his
son or his daughter to pass through the
fire or that use a divination or an
observer of times or an enchanter or a
witch or a charmer or a consultor with
familiar spirits or a wizard or a
necromancer for all that do these things
are an abomination unto the Lord 

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